Best understanding constitutional lawyer colorado

By | July 18, 2023

Michael Steinberg, your constitutional lawyer colorado rights lawyer, aggressively defends his clients at each level of the criminal defense procedure. Read more below to explore Best understanding constitutional lawyer colorado by

Understanding constitutional lawyer colorado

The regulations governing how our state government functions are laid down in the Colorado Constitution. The Constitution’s core tenet is that the people of Colorado grant the government its authority. – constitutional lawyer colorado

In 1876, the first version of the Colorado Constitution was drafted. Since then, it has undergone over 20 changes or amendments. If a majority of voters agree the change, the Constitution cannot be modified.

Understanding constitutional lawyer colorado

Understanding constitutional lawyer colorado

The “rights” of anybody accused of a crime in Colorado are outlined in Article II1 of the Colorado Constitution:

The cornerstones of due process of law, anchored in the aforementioned constitutional lawyer colorado clauses, have been the right to counsel, the privilege against self-incrimination, and jury trial. This trifecta of constitutional protections gave rise to all additional due process and equal protection rights.

When the adversarial process begins, whether through a formal charge, preliminary hearing, indictment, information, or arraignment, the Sixth Amendment’s right to counsel attaches.

The accused has the full right to depend on a lawyer as a constitutional lawyer colorado barrier between him or her and the State at the very least when a formal charge has been lodged.

Your Colorado Constitutional Rights

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Your Colorado Constitutional Rights

Your Colorado Constitutional Rights

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Colorado Search and Seizure Protection

Protection of People and Property During Searches Snatching Warrants

The people must be protected from arbitrary searches and seizures of their persons, papers, homes, and belongings. No warrant to search a location or seize a person or item shall be issued without precisely identifying the location to be searched or the person or item to be seized, or without probable cause that is supported by an oath or written affirmation.

The Colorado Right to Trial by Jury

Trial by Jury Grand Jury

In criminal matters, the right to a jury trial will remain unaffected; nevertheless, a jury in civil proceedings in all courts or in criminal cases in courts without records may be comprised of fewer than twelve members, as may be required by law. The grand jury system is subject to alteration, regulation, or abolition by the general assembly. In addition, the right of any person to serve on any jury shall not be denied or abridged on account of sex, and the general assembly may provide by law for the exemption from jury service of individuals or classes of individuals. Thereafter, a grand jury shall consist of twelve members, any nine of whom concurring may find an indictment.

The Colorado Right to Due Process

Due Process of law

No one may be deprived of their life, liberty, or property without first undergoing a legal procedure.

The Colorado Right to Due Process

The Colorado Right to Due Process

Later, the United States Constitution’s Fourteenth Amendment enhanced equal protection and added due process guarantees and made them applicable to all States:

All persons subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, born or naturalized there, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they now reside. No State shall enact or carry out any legislation that restricts the privileges or rights of US citizens, and no State shall rob any person of their life, liberty, or property without first obtaining a court order, and no State shall deny any person residing within its boundaries the equal protection of the laws.

Conlcusion constitutional lawyer colorado

When a person is detained constitutional lawyer colorado as a result of a warrant acquired after filing a complaint with a court, the adversarial criminal trial process gets started. At every “critical stage” of the prosecution moving ahead, the accused has the legal right to legal representation. Pretrial proceedings are deemed “critical” if the accused need aid in dealing with legal issues or in confronting his opponent. Any police questioning after an arrest is unquestionably a “critical stage.”

In his work as a criminal defense attorney, H. Michael Steinberg is dedicated to protecting the person against the vast powers of the State. He is prepared to support and defend anyone who is being investigated or accused by the State.


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